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Commercial Cleaning

Our eco-friendly residential cleaning leaves your home spotless and safe for your family.

Customized Commercial Cleaning Services

Deep, customized professional cleaning is crucial in ensuring your workforce is healthy by eliminating the spread of viruses. A clean environment also boosts employees’ productivity as they can focus better in a clean and hygienic space. At Town Cleaning, we understand the need for high-standard commercial cleaning in Canada; we guarantee 100% superior services through our innovations and tailored cleaning techniques.

Customized Solutions

Town Cleaning offers top-rated janitorial and commercial cleaning services. We start the cleaning process by analyzing the facility or space, and our cleaning experts identify key cleaning needs. Through this, we can tailor cleaning services that suit your unique needs. Whether you have a hospital, retail store, hotel, or salon, you can rely on us for a customized janitorial cleaning process that fits your schedule and budget.

Diversified Commercial Cleaning Services in Canada

We have your back if you are looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company in Ontario, Canada. Our cleaning and disinfecting services offer measurable results for all our clients. We guarantee consistency in our cleaning services. Our professionals complete each task with care and precision to guarantee the best results. 

We offer the following janitorial services under our commercial cleaning services:


Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning ensures germs don't settle and spread to your workforce. Our unmatched office cleaning services ensure your staff is healthy, reducing sick days and boosting productivity. Our services include the following:
• Mopping
• Vacuuming
• Dusting
• Rubbish removal
• Window cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Gadgets sanitization
• Office disinfection
• Cobweb removal
• Whole premise sanitization


Retail Cleaning

If you have a store selling clothes, mobile phones, or health insurance, having a clean space is crucial for your health and brand reputation. At Town Cleaning, we are experts in retail cleaning and can handle the needs of small, medium, and large retail centers. Our comprehensive retail cleaning services range from tile cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and disinfecting. We use safe and non-toxic cleaning products to ensure you have a healthy place. With our cleaning professionals and innovative technology, we can offer flexible and superior cleaning services.


Car Dealership Cleaning

Every car dealership should have an inviting atmosphere for customers. At Town Cleaning, we understand that professional car dealership cleaning is indispensable. Our cleaning services ensure your dealership is always spotless, which creates a great environment for showcasing cars. We clean every space, including service bays, bathrooms, storage areas, and office space. We use the right system and products for the surfaces and ensure we tackle all cleaning challenges.


Medical Facility Cleaning

At Town Cleaning, we understand that medical surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We use hospital-grade cleaners and high-standard cleaning practices to guarantee the best results. Our team has an in-depth understanding of aseptic cleaning to ensure your medical facility has a contamination-free environment.



Adopting high-grade cleaning services for your restaurant is an integral factor in keeping your customers returning. When you choose Town Cleaning, we will ensure your restaurant is safe, clean, and a healthy space for all stakeholders. Our cleaning experts will clean all areas, including the dining rooms, food storage areas, food prep areas, windows, fridges, and other specified areas. We use non-toxic cleaning products to ensure your restaurant is safe and clean for customers and employees.


Banks and Other Financial Institutions

We help clean and disinfect all areas in a bank. With our reputable commercial cleaning services in Ontario, Canada, you can be assured of your facility's crisp, sparkling, and professional look. Our janitorial services help to instill confidence in your customers. We understand the unique cleaning need of financial institutions; thus, our experts incorporate high-grade services that offers unmatched value. Our company respects the security and space of your workplace throughout the cleaning process.

The Perfect Cleaning in Ontario

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We are committed to offering superior services in all commercial cleaning services. Our extensive training, professional team, and innovative technology guarantee unrivaled janitorial services. We inspect each premise and devise a cleaning solution that suits your needs. Our processes and cutting-edge tools are key to ensuring an extremely high level of cleanliness.